Wilderness Experiences

Spring Bear Viewing


  • Watch wild British Columbia bears in remote, dramatic terrain.
  • As well as black bears we share our trails with grizzly bears, moose, elk, wolves, beavers, cougars, bobcat, lynx and many other animals.
  • We head out in tiny groups – typically 2 to 4 guests – with an expert guide.
  • We offer wild viewing of wild bears. No staged, managed or scripted experiences. We do not use viewing stands.
  • Age recommendation: 14-75.

Summer Wilderness Adventures

July – August

  • A chance to experience the raw power and beauty of British Columbia’s wilderness.
  • Day hikes in the remote high alpine using our specialised 4x4s for access.
  • White-water rafting trips on the river that flows past the ranch.
  • A day on a remote lake visiting deserted beaches with a Zodiac powerboat.
  • Barbeque by the river, evening around the campfire.
  • Please note: This is not peak bear-viewing season.
  • Age recommendation 10-75.
Grizzly tracks

Autumn Grizzly Viewing


  • Four-night grizzly bear viewing experiences in September and October.
  • Watch free-spirited grizzly bears in extremely remote terrain.
  • We head out in tiny groups – typically 2 to 4 guests – with an expert guide.
  • Private trails and private viewings. No other operators in the area.
  • In September we usually spend one or two days in the high alpine tracking and watching wild grizzly bears feeding on huckleberries.
  • In October we typically spend two days on our wilderness river where grizzly bears come to eat the red spawning Kokanee salmon.
  • We raft our river where you can expect to see dozens of bald eagles, American dippers, mergansers, kingfishers and, of course, salmon.
  • Easy access from Banff. A day’s drive from Calgary, Jasper or Vancouver.
  • Private and commercial air options if you would rather not drive.
  • Age recommendation: 14-75.