Summer Wilderness Adventures

Join us for summer wilderness adventures

  • Spectacular hiking in the high alpine using our 4×4 vehicles for access.
  • Rafting on a blue-green wilderness river that runs past the ranch.
  • Barbeques by the river, evenings around the campfire.
  • A scenic day’s drive from Calgary, Vancouver, Banff or Spokane.
  • Three-night, six-night and custom options.

Summer wilderness adventures

In July and August we offer our guests three and six-night adventures deep in the British Columbia mountains.

During the day we will take you into the wilderness far from the crowds, at night, after a delicious dinner, you can retreat to your own hand-built luxury cabin next to our blue-green river.

Hiking in the high alpine

On one or more of your days with us we will head into the high alpine.

We use 4×4 vehicles for the ascent and then hike the high country at 7,000 feet or above, taking in the unforgettable views.

These hikes are suitable for anyone of moderate or greater fitness with basic agility.

Rafting down our blue-green river

We will also take you rafting down the wilderness river that runs right past the ranch.

This river is, in our book, one of the most remote and beautiful in British Columbia.

Parts of the river are quiet and meandering but there are also sections of rapids which we can run.

A typical day will see you waking up in your own cabin to the sound of the fast-flowing river that runs past the ranch. We will bring you freshly-brewed early morning tea and coffee in your cabin and then serve a generous breakfast in the lodge.

Far from the summer crowds

The places we will take you to hike are far from the summer crowds. We use little-known trails and, more often than not, do not see another person all day.

For those of you who wish to stay longer, our six-night option comes with four days of activities, which will typically include two days hiking in the mountains, one day river rafting, and a day out in a Zodiac powerboat on one of our remote lakes.

A typical day

After breakfast we head out for the day. Lunch is a picnic of home-made sandwiches, fruit and cake that we take along with us.

Dinner is usually a sit-down affair where Kristin serves fine freshly-cooked locally-sourced food and the best of British Columbia’s beer and wine in the main house.

Or, if the weather is sunny, we may barbecue by the river and light up a campfire.

Your summer holiday with us will include:

  • One of more day hikes in the high alpine using our 4×4 vehicles for access
  • A rafting trip down our beautiful wilderness river
  • A day on one of our remote lakes (usually six-night option only)
  • Your own riverside cabin, breakfast and dinner in the main lodge, internet access, use of our library of books and DVDs.

Pricing & Availability

A summer wilderness holiday with us begins at around C$1,000 for three nights and C$1,800 for six nights. This price is per person, includes all meals, accommodation and guided tours, and is based on double occupancy. We offer larger families the option of booking the entire ranch and customising their holiday with us. Age recommendation 8-75.

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