Spring Wildlife Viewing

Excellent spring wildlife viewing

  • Five-night guided wildlife-viewing holidays in May & June.
  • Bears, elk, coyote, porcupine, beaver, occasionally a wolf or large cat.
  • Many different birds including songbirds and seasonal hummingbirds.
  • First-rate cuisine and a riverside cabin with bathroom and sundeck.
  • Experienced and certified bear guides.
  • Eco-friendly. Powered by solar energy.
  • June is the season featured in Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild and in the Sunday Times.

Black bears and an occasional grizzly

May and June are two of the best months for viewing bears in our valley. We almost invariably see black bears but also sometimes see grizzlies.

Guests who come at this time of year often enjoy up to a dozen or more bear sightings. By the end of June the bears have often headed up into the high country, not to be seen again until September.

A host of other wild animals

Apart from bears you will also almost certainly see white-tailed and mule deer. We often also see coyotes, elk, porcupine and sometimes moose, beavers and otters.

Among the rarer sightings are wolves, lynx, bobcats and cougars as well as members of the weasel family ranging from the least weasel to the wolverine, our rarest animal.

Songbirds, raptors and hummingbirds

May and June are the very best months to see our rich bird life. You will see many of the songbirds that gather in our yard and you may also see bald eagles, woodpeckers and different types of hawks.

You will almost certainly see dozens of Rufous hummingbirds who return to our ranch after wintering in central America, before heading further north.

A typical day will see you waking up in your own cabin to the sound of the fast-flowing river that runs past the ranch. We will bring you freshly-brewed early morning tea and coffee in your cabin and then serve a generous breakfast in the lodge.

Mountains, rivers and lakes

Spring in the British Columbia wilderness is not all about the animals. The country is teeming with life. Waterfalls and the fast-flowing rivers are at their most awe-inspiring as the snowmelt from the long winter cascades down through the valleys.

As part of your holiday with us we will take you on a wilderness lake (conditions permitting). Your guides will be certified and experienced.

A typical day

A typical day sees you waking up in your own cabin by the river with a pot of steaming coffee or tea waiting outside your door.

We serve a sumptuous breakfast in the main house. Your guides will then take you out into the surrounding forests and mountains.

We serve dinner – fine freshly-cooked local food with good British Columbia beer and wine – early evening in the main house.

What you can expect

  • Multiple opportunities to view bears and other wildlife.
  • Several guided hikes in awe-inspiring remote wilderness.
  • A talk on bear behaviour and ecology.
  • A day on a remote lake (conditions permitting).
  • A beautiful riverside cabin to yourself and first-class cooking.
  • Some of the most stunning locations in western Canada.

Pricing & Availability

A five-day/five-night wildlife-viewing holiday between mid May and the end of June starts at C$2,200 per person. This price is based on double occupancy. Contact us for availability and a pricing schedule. Age recommendation 14-75.

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