Autumn Grizzly Viewing

An authentic wild grizzly bear experience

  • Watch wild and natural grizzly bears feeding on berries and salmon.
  • Expertly-guided grizzly bear viewing tours on foot.
  • Float down our river through bear habitat. Watch dozens of bald eagles.
  • Excellent meals in the main house and your own luxury riverside cabin.
  • Be part of our conservation effort to save British Columbia’s grizzly bears.
  • Ideal for couples, families or friends looking to view wild grizzlies in their remote natural setting.
  • Four night holidays between early September and late October.

A remote and little-known valley

If you come in the autumn we will aim to give you a truly authentic grizzly bear experience – a chance to view completely wild bears deep in their natural habitat.

What we specialise in is quite unlike anything else in British Columbia or Alaska, where many operators offer canned bear-viewing around some kind of managed attractant.

Our grizzlies by contract are completely wild. We strive to give you remarkable wild grizzly bear encounters that you will never forget.

Our grizzlies are completely wild

They may include the experience of watching a lone high-elevation bear feeding undisturbed on huckleberries in the untouched alpine .

Or a mother with cubs moving along our river viewed from one of our river rafts, as she scours the shallow sections for the red autumn salmon.

Unlike the large national parks, our area is remote and little known. We limit the numbers of guests to ensure the experience remains personal.

As well as grizzlies, the valley is home to dozens of bald eagles.

Expert guides and very small groups

Our guides are experts in interpreting bear behaviour and body language and it is this knowledge that allows us to walk with confidence around wild grizzly bears, even mums with cubs.

You will usually be in a small group with one guide and two or three other guests.

We do not use viewing stands, preferring to make our way through grizzly habitat on foot. For us this is an integral part of the experience, a chance to immerse in the bears’ world with no physical barriers.

We prefer to view totally wild bears in their natural wilderness setting on foot. We do not use fixed viewing platforms. Instead we will move through the bears’ world, using our intimate knowledge of bear behaviour to keep you safe.

Meeting grizzlies in their world

Our autumn grizzly-viewing holidays are not designed with photographers in mind.

Many guests do come away with excellent photos (all the photos on this website are taken at or near the ranch) but viewing and the experience of meeting grizzly bears in their world is our priority.

We will provide you with good, lightweight binoculars so you can make the most of all your viewing experiences.

Recommendations for our guests

Because our bears are totally wild there is always a chance you will come away without a viewing, although more than 95 per cent of our guests in the autumn have seen grizzly bears during their stay.

These holidays are not especially physically demanding. But to get the most out of them you should be in fairly good shape and be able to walk comfortably for a couple of hours at a time over uneven terrain.

Our age recommendations for the autumn are 14-75.

Staying safe around bears

Bears are not usually dangerous if sensible precautions are taken. Like any wilderness activity, however, there are inherent risks.

We follow a set of established bear-viewing protocols under the careful guidance of one of Canada’s top bear biologists. Your guides carry bear-deterrent.

Grizzly Bear Ranch is an active member of the British Columbia Commercial Bear Viewing Association, an organisation which is responsible for promoting safe viewing and bear conservation.

What you can expect

  • A chance to view grizzly bears in their natural environment.
  • Guided walks along active wilderness bear trails.
  • One or more forays into the alpine to view grizzly bears.
  • One or more river rafting trips through bear habitat.
  • A beautiful riverside cabin to yourself and first-class cooking.
  • Experienced and knowledgable guides and a good grounding in bear behaviour.

Pricing & Availability

A four-night grizzly-viewing holiday in September or October starts at about C$3,300 per person. This price is based on double occupancy. It includes all meals, drinks, accommodation, tours and a C$150 donation to our grizzly bear conservation fund. Please contact us for more details and availability. Age recommendation 14-75.

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