A Taste of the Canadian Wilderness


  • First rate cuisine and your own cabin by a secluded wilderness river.
  • Hiking in the high alpine, river rafting and boating on a remote lake.
  • Explore the wilderness with professional bear guides. Option of overnight camping trip into bear country.
  • A scenic day’s drive from Calgary, Vancouver or Banff.


Into the high country

On top

During July and August the bears head up into the mountains to feed on huckleberries and other vegetation and we widen our focus.

At this time of year we offer our guests five-night holidays that are designed to give a taste of the BC wilderness, viewing wildlife but also venturing into the high country which is only snow-free during high summer.

On at least one of the days we will head into the high alpine.

We use our 4×4 trucks for the gruelling ascent and then hike the ridge lines taking in the spectacular views.

We also offer the option, on advance request, of an overnight camping trip into bear country.

These two-day trips allow us to reach even further into the backcountry and spend some of the evening and early morning hours, when animals are most active, far from civilisation.


Bears and other animals


It’s true that we don’t see as many bears in the high summer as in the spring and autumn. We certainly can’t guarantee sightings.

But our summer guests probably have a 50-70 percent chance of seeing one or more bears during their stay.

You may also see a host of other animals including deer, elk and moose. Sometimes we see a coyote and very occasionally get a fleeting glimpse of wolves wolves or even a large cat.

Each of your guides is a trained and experienced bear guide and, as well as teaching you how to behave around bears, can explain the behaviour and ecology of these iconic animals.

Regardless of how many wildlife sightings we have in the summer, for many this is their favourite season.

The wilderness itself is magnificent and we will show you high mountain glaciers and unforgettable alpine vistas.

A day on a deserted lake

On the lake

On one of the days during your summer stay we will head out onto a local lake in one of our Zodiac powerboats.

This gives us a chance to take in the scenery or swim from deserted beaches.

We have a choice of lakes within half an hour’s easy drive of the ranch.



Rafting down a blue-green river


On another day we will take you rafting down the wilderness river that runs right past the ranch.

This river is one of the most remote and beautiful in British Columbia.

We put in several miles north of the ranch.

Parts of the river are quiet and meandering but there are also sections of rapids which we can run with the more intrepid.


 A typical day

Lunch spotA typical day will see you waking up in your own cabin to the sound of the fast-flowing river.

We offer early morning tea and coffee in your cabin and then breakfast in the lodge.

Kristin, who is in charge of the meals, is a trained chef.

After breakfast we head out for the day, returning to the ranch in the late afternoon.

Lunch is a picnic of home-made sandwiches, fruit and cookies that we take along on our day tour.

Dinner may be a sit-down affair where we serve fine freshly-cooked local food and the best of British Columbia’s beer and wine in the main house.

Or, if the weather is sunny, we may barbeque and eat by the river.

Your summer holiday

A view from the top.

Your summer holiday with us will include:

  • A day-hike into the high alpine with the option of an overnight camping trip.
  • A day’s rafting trip down our beautiful wilderness river.
  • A day out on one of our lakes in our Zodiac powerboat.
  • For those not wishing to spend a night camping out, the option of a day spent enjoying the river or a second guided day-hike.
  • Meals in the main lodge with occasional barbeques by the river.
  • A talk on bear behaviour and ecology. All of your guides are trained bear guides.

Pricing & Availability

A five-night wilderness holiday between mid July and mid August starts at CAD 1,295 per person. This price includes all meals, accommodation and guided tours, and is based on double occupancy.