Summer Adventures in the BC Wilderness

  • Hiking in the high alpine. In July we use 4x4s for access. In August we use  helicopters.
  • A day’s rafting trip on a blue-green wilderness river.
  • A day out on a remote BC lake.
  •  First rate cuisine and your own cabin by a secluded wilderness river.
  • A scenic day’s drive from Calgary, Vancouver or Banff.


Into the High Country

During July and August we offer our guests four-night holidays that are designed to give a taste of the best of the British Columbian wilderness.

On at least one of the days we will head into the high alpine.

In July we use our 4x4s for the ascents and then hike the ridge lines taking in the spectacular views.




In August we use a helicopter to transport you to untouched mountain passes and high alpine meadows.

We have teamed up with experienced local helicopter pilots and this allows us to take you to awe-inspiring terrain where even the local alpinists have never been.

There is plenty of scope  for hikers of different abilities.



Rafting down a blue-green river

On another day we will take you rafting down the wilderness river that runs right past the ranch.

This river is one of the most remote and beautiful in British Columbia.

We put in several miles north of the ranch.

Parts of the river are quiet and meandering but there are also sections of rapids which we can run with the more intrepid.

A day on a deserted lake

On one of the days during your summer stay we will head out onto a local lake in one of our Zodiac powerboats.

This gives us a chance to take in the scenery or swim from deserted beaches.

We have a choice of lakes within half an hour’s easy drive of the ranch.




 A typical day

A typical day will see you waking up in your own cabin to the sound of the fast-flowing river.

We offer early morning tea and coffee in your cabin and then breakfast in the lodge.

After breakfast we head out for the day, returning to the ranch in the late afternoon.

Lunch is a picnic of home-made sandwiches, fruit and cookies that we take along on our day tour.

Dinner may be a sit-down affair where we serve fine freshly-cooked local food and the best of British Columbia’s beer and wine in the main house.

Or, if the weather is sunny, we may barbeque and eat by the river.

Your summer holiday

Your summer holiday with us will include:

  • A day-hike into the high alpine.
  • A day’s rafting trip down our beautiful wilderness river.
  • A day out on one of our lakes in our Zodiac powerboat.
  • Meals in the main lodge with occasional barbeques by the river.

Pricing & Availability

A four-night wilderness holiday in July starts at C$1,195 per person. A four-night wilderness holiday in August (which includes a day of heli-hiking) begins at C$1,795 per person. This price includes all meals, accommodation and guided tours, and is based on double occupancy. We offer a discount for families and groups of four or more.


Quite simply, this has been the best holiday our family has ever had. Every aspect of our stay in this little piece of eco-heaven deserves genuine praise in the superlative. We have never felt moved to write a review about a holiday before, but this one was so outstanding, that it just had to be recognised. With our two teenage daughters, we spent six idyllic days kayaking on and swimming in crystal clear lakes, hiking both in high alpine meadows and over glaciers, working as a team to negotiate the aptly named “Rapido del Muerto” in a thrilling rafting trip and experiencing some truly amazing wildlife viewing. We saw five bears in one day, as well as bald eagles, osprey, turtles, mule deers and coyotes. We ate thimbleberries, walked inside 1000 year old cedars and were introduced to wild and whacky flora and fauna such as the “indian paintbrush” flower, “hippy on a stick”and “old man’s beard”.” Jim & Lizzie, UK.

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