Autumn grizzly-viewing

  • Marching down the highway
  • In the river
  • Grasping a fish
  • Hot-tubbing
  • Choosing a meal
  • In an apple tree
  • Almost asleep
  • Rafting in the autumn
  • Half a fish
  • Young grizzly
  • Looking upstream
  • Kokanee salmon
  • A view of a rare mountain caribou
  • With cubs
  • Young female grizzly
  • A bear in the mist
  • Looking for fish
  • A swing by the river
  • Watching a grizzly family from the rafts

03 Jan Autumn grizzly-viewing

The autumn is our prime grizzly-viewing season. At this time of year grizzlies begin to come down from the high country to feed in the salmon in our river. We also frequently see other animals in the valley especially bald eagles and, occasionally, a wolf or a big cat.