Taking  a break

Grizzly resting. Photo by Jakob Dulisse.

Black Bear Peaking

Black bear taking a peek

Grizzly watching fish near Grizzly Bear Ranch

Grizzly watching fish. Photo by John Marriott. (To see more of John's photos go to

Looking for fish

Looking for fish.

Apple in tree

Grizzly bear in an apple tree. Photo by Jakob Dulisse. (To see more of Jakob's photos go to

A view above the ranch

A view of the valley.

Grizzly bear with three cubs

Grizzly bear with three cubs. With thanks to Lydia Rutherford.


Rafting our river.

Bald Eagle

Bald eagle.

Watching Boris

Watching Boris.

September Hike

September hike.

Eating fish

Eating fish.

Our front yard

A view of our front yard

On the river

On the river.

Videoing a grizzly bear

Videoing a grizzly bear

Early morning track

An early morning track.

Apple walks past

Apple walks past while out spotting.



Having a look

Watching us.

Spying on a bear

A spy hole.

Apple asleep

Grizzly bear napping. Photo by Julius Strauss.

Jumping cub

Jumping cub.

A view of the valley

A view of the valley.


Grey wolf. Photo by Andrea Schlemmer.

Grizzly cub

A grizzly sub-adult. With thanks to Paul Hillis.

Spring in the Mountains

Spring in the Mountains.

Spring sunset

Sunset in June.

Black bear in June

A black bear in June.

Two cubs in a tree

Two cubs-of-the-year in a tree.

One cub in a tree

One cub in a tree.

Watching a bear

Watching a grizzly.

Bear track

A bear track in the mud.

Black bear with cubs

Black bear mum with two cubs.

Watching a grizzly

Watching a grizzly bear from the Volga Cabin. Photo by Julius Strauss.

Cub on road

A two-year-old grizzly cub. Photo by Julius Strauss.

Grizzly in October

A grizzly moving along the river after an early snowfall. Photo by Julius Strauss.

Squeezing a fish

Roe spurts from a salmon as a grizzly bear closes its teeth on it. Photo by Julius Strauss.

A view of our valley

At 6,000 feet.

Black Bear Climbing

Black bear cub in a tree. Photo by Gillian Sanders.


A grizzly stands to check out movement in the distance. Photo by Julius Strauss.

Grizzly mum with cub

A grizzly mum sniffing the air. The cub is next to her.

Autumn rafting

Rafting the river. We see many of our bears from the rafts.

Watching bears

Watching bears

Adult female grizzly bear

Adult female grizzly bear

Photographing a grizzly

Photographing a grizzly.

Cub on road

A grizzly cub.

Grizzly cub

Grizzly cub.


A view of a rare mountain caribou.

A black bear in May

A black bear near Grizzly Bear Ranch in May.

Watching bears

Watching grizzlies from the river.

Yearling cub

Grizzly cub.

Watching grizzlies

Watching grizzlies.

Showing her weight

Female sub-adult grizzly.


Grizzly cub.

View of the lake

View of the lake.

Grizzly mum swimming with cub

Grizzly mum with cub crossing the river. With thanks to Amo Oduro-Dominah.


Bear-watching on the river.

Eating dandelions in the spring

Black bear eating dandelions. With thanks to Matt Harrison.

Young black bear

Brown black bear cub. Photo by Jim Lawrence.

Grizzly sub-adult

Young grizzly. With thanks to Steve Thomas.

Watching a grizzly

Watching a young grizzly bear.

Watching a bear

Watching a black bear in the early summer.

The River

The River. Photo by Jakob Dulisse.

Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl.



Grizzly swimming

Grizzly swimming. Photo by John Marriott.

Autumn fog

Autumn fog.

Grizzly hottubbing

Grizzly eating fish. Photo by John Marriott.

Salmon spawning

Kokanee salmon. Photo by Jakob Dulisse.

Grizzly cub with fish

Grizzly cub. Photo by Jakob Dulisse.


Rufous hummingbirds at the ranch.

Grizzly on road

Grizzly on road. Photo by John Marriott.

Grizzly fishing

Grizzly fishing. Photo by John Marriott.

Eating fish

Grizzly eating salmon. Photo by John Marriott.


Black bear in a mountain ash tree.


Grizzly bear eating salmon. Photo by John Marriott.


Grizzly bear eating salmon. Photo by John Marriott.


Bald eagle. Photo by John Marriott.


These photos have all been taken at or around Grizzly Bear Ranch since 2006. With special thanks to John E. Marriott (, Jakob Dulisse (, Jim Lawrence ( and our guests who have allowed us to use their images.