Kristin’s culinary philosophy: fresh, local, seasonal

KristinThe culinary philosophy I follow at Grizzly Bear Ranch is simple: we eat fresh, local, seasonal and, wherever possible, organic food.

For most of the summer and autumn I serve salad greens, spinach, carrots, peas, onions, garlic, rhubarb and many kinds of herbs grown in our small vegetable garden.

All other vegetables come from local farmers, who grow their crops in the most nature-friendly way.

Straight from the farmers’ market or the orchards of the Okanagan

Roast chicken.Every Saturday, I head to the local farmers’ market. Each week, a lovely French lady delivers us fresh fruit straight from the orchards of the Okanagan.That allows me to make my own jams, salsas and pickles which I naturally serve to our guests.

I try to keep my cooking as straightforward and unpretentious as possible. I try to base everything on available fresh ingredients and emphasize taste and goodness rather than complicated presentation.

Whenever possible, I cook from scratch

Stew with mashWhenever possible, I cook from scratch and prefer not to use any premade mixes or sauces. For instance, we use only homemade pesto.

Our usual breakfast fare includes pancakes or French toast, bacon or sausages, muffins or scones, scrambled or baked eggs, granola and yoghurt. Fresh fruit salad is served with every breakfast.

Dinner: a chance to indulge culinary passions

Seafood pastaDinner is a chance to indulge my culinary passions. I serve one main meat or fish course with at least two side dishes and a salad.

Examples of dishes that have gone down well in the past include oven-roasted rainbow trout with baby dill potatoes, lemon sage roast chicken with vegetables, and Shepherd’s Pie.

We always serve dessert too. Huckleberry and pear crumble is a favourite and also blueberry tartlets with fresh cream. With dinner we serve a choice of beer and wine sourced from local vineyards and breweries. We can always cater for vegetarians and guests who have food intolerances.

Barbeques by the river, home-made pizza from a wood-fired oven

PizzaIn the summertime, we quite often have dinner by the river. Grills from the barbeque and roast vegetables from our wood-fired outdoor oven are often a big hit. I also cook pizza in the oven using freshly-made dough and herbs from the garden.

In order to make the recipes we use in our daily cooking available to friends and guests, I have written two Grizzly Bear Ranch cookbooks. The books can be ordered from

The setting was magical – a log cabin by a river surrounded by silence so great you could hear the earth breathe. Kristin is a wonderful cook and the hungry trekkers looked forward to their meals as much as the bear, eagle and wolf sightings.”  Sue & Richard Crooks, Watford, UK.