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“Some 30yd apart, we and the bear by the roadside stared at each other for a few minutes. It sniffed the air to make us out, took two final mouthfuls of grass and then yawned — a mild stress sign, whispered Julius. Then, with a few agile steps, it was gone, vanishing in the thick forest. It was truly a lovely moment.

If you are inclined towards experiencing pristine wilderness, you will be hard-pressed to beat a few days at the Grizzly Bear Ranch in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountains. Or if, like me, you are an urban beast whose love affair with the wild is limited to watching David Attenborough, then you should try it, for it is quite an eye-opener.” Click here to read the full story.



“The bear-watching ranch consists of four wooden cabins in a beautiful meadow by a shimmering river. In the winter months, it is completely snow-bound, but Julius takes bookings for more hospitable times: it is easy to see black bears emerge from hibernation in spring (May and June, when I visited) while midsummer is best for a general wilderness break. You are most likely to see grizzlies if you wait until autumn, when they descend from the mountains to swish their paws through the rivers in search of spawning salmon.” Click here to read the full story.



Julius is interviewed on Excess Baggage, Radio 4’s weekend travel programme. He talks about it his former life as a war correspondent and how he and his wife Kristin set up their bear-viewing operation  in the Canadian wilderness. Click here to listen to the interview.