At Grizzly Bear Ranch, conservation is extremely important to us. We have been viewing bears since 2006 and they have given us a huge amount of pleasure. Our aim now is to give back to the bears and help in any way we can to protect their habitat, mitigate human-bear conflict and end the hunting of grizzly bears.

For every guest that books with us, we take $100-$150 and put it into The Bear Called Apple Fund, named after our best-known grizzly bear who was shot by a trophy hunter in 2015. We also solicit direct donations from guests and well-wishers.

We spend part of the money we raise directly on bear science. In 2016 Grizzly Bear Ranch began a joint project with the Brown Bear Research Network to monitor and study grizzly bears using our watershed.

We spend about 20 per cent on mitigating human bear conflict within the area that we live.

Some of that money is spent buying bear spray for residents, some on electric fencing costs and some on promoting programmes that encourage or help residents to manage their bear attractants (fruit trees, garbage etc..)

The rest of the fund we spend on fighting for a ban on grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia. Every year between 250 and 300 grizzly bears are legally shot by hunters. We believe that shooting grizzly bears for sport is unacceptable. Opinion polls suggest that around 90 per cent of British Columbians agree with us.

We engage in political activities – meeting ministers and lobbying Members of the Legislative Assembly for an end to the grizzly hunt as well as holding technical discussions with officials responsible for managing the hunt within the ministries.

Without you – our guests – we could undertake none of these activities and we would like to thank all those who have made contributions, either directly, or through their stay at Grizzly Bear Ranch.

A Bear called Apple Fund