Wildlife Diary

Having a Scratch

One of the first video clips to come from our new grizzly bear science project. Taken on a hidden trail near Grizzly Bear Ranch earlier this month. (Sorry - the audio is not local. But it seemed to fit.)...

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Grizzlies all over

We usually see grizzlies in the spring, but not four in one outing and not this early. Here are some pics Kristin took including one of a mum with a cub of the year. Unfortunately the grizzly hunters are out there too. So we are...

First bear of the year

It certainly isn't going to win any bear photo awards, but this is our first bear snap this year. It's an early spring up here, there's not much snow on the ground, and the grass is already growing fast. Kristin took this pic on the way...

Griz in Oct 2 Andy Bradfield
Eating salmon

A grizzly bear tucking into a nice plump salmon. The fish run was very low this year, and the fish were late, but when they did arrive they were larger than usual and provided some good late-Fall feeding opportunities for the grizzlies on the river....

Bear butt Oct
A nice bear butt

Grizzly bears are almost always shown standing on their back legs with the mouths open in a howl of rage. The truth is that most of them rarely stand up on their back legs and prefer to trundle along on all fours. Here is a more...