Riverside Cabins

  • High-quality hand-built cabins each with its own sundeck and en suite bathroom
  • Wood-burning stoves, hand-laid wooden floors, sumptuous views
  • Freshly-brewed tea and coffee in the morning, cold drinks before dinner
  • Each cabin has its own DVD player with wildlife documentaries and other movies

Whitewater Cabin

Our largest cabin, Whitewater, has a living area downstairs and upstairs a private bedroom, with a queen-sized bed, and a view over the river.

It can accommodate up to four people but we usually book it for two.

Whitewater has its own en suite bathroom with toilet, bathtub and shower and a wood-burning stove.

It also has a balcony overlooking the river and another with views on to the garden.

Redfish North and South

Our newest cabins are the two Redfish cabins, Redfish North and Redfish South.

Mirror images of each other, both were built in the summer of 2014 by a professional timber-frame carpenter.

Both have modern bathrooms with showers, DVD players and log-burning woodstoves.

Each cabin is ideally suited for a couple but can house three.

Logjam Cabin

Logjam.Right on the banks of the river is the Logjam Cabin (previously the Eco-cabin).

We have re-modelled this cabin with a new bathroom and a large window that gives beautiful private views over the river.

This cabin is ideally suited for a couple. It has its own wood-burning stove and a supply of hand-cut birch, fir or larch.

Rapid Cabin

Rapid CabinRapid cabin (formerly the Sunny Cabin) is also recently renovated and has two beds (or one double) and a new bathroom.

Rapid is heated with an adjustable radiator which is convenient for those who don’t want to feed a wood-burning stove.

While it’s low roof beams might challenge guests taller than about 6’2″ it is a lovely cabin full of character.

Cascade Cabin

Cascade CabinWe built the Cascade Cabin (formerly the New Cabin) from scratch in the classic timber frame style in 2009.

It has two beds (or one double) and a bathroom. It is beautifully finished by a local artisan in cedar, pine and fir, and has a wood-burning stove.

On the inside the cabin has high sloping ceilings and two half-windows that give a view of the mountains from the main bed.

Cascade is set back a little from the river.

Hand-built interiors

Inside Cascade.Each of our cabins has a hand-built wooden interior, finished by a master carpenter.

Each also has a modern bathroom with a hot shower and new high-efficiency water heater.

In each cabin you will find a tea and coffee service, a bird guide, binoculars, a DVD player with two or three DVDs about bears and in all (except Rapid) a wood-burning stove with a fresh supply of local wood.

Each of our cabins can be configured with a king-size bed or two one-person beds.