Bluegrass and Cookbooks

We are having a fantastic summer, so far. The weather has been glorious, the guests all great and mercifully the wildfires that have wreaked havoc elsewhere in the province have remained distant.

With several more weeks of sun and wilderness to go, there is not much time for a proper update, but I have a new camera and have been busy taking bits of video and uploading it to facebook.

This week we had a treat when some friends from Vancouver, Nina and Warren, arrived with Kate and Anna, two musicians. As darkness fell over our river we all gathered around the campfire and had our own private bluegrass and Latin music concert.

In other news, Kristin’s latest offering, Grizzly Bear Ranch Cookbook II, is out and on sale for one more week only.

This winter Kristin is heading to Vancouver for four months to go to fancy culinary school where she will study food preparation, wine pairing and other gastronomic sciences under the experts.

So next year, the food we serve should be even better. For my part, I will be faced with the choice of 16 weeks of heavy snow-clearing alone or spending a few lazy weeks in the beautiful west coast city.

It’s going to be a tough decision.

Next summer we have decided that as well as our standard four-night holidays we will offer customised two- to six-night holidays including, for the first time, an overnight hike and a bear day. Kayaking too will be back on the agenda.

Very Best Wishes to you all,

Julius & Kristin