Experience grizzly bears in their natural environment

  • Watch wild and natural grizzlies fishing for salmon in September and October
  • Expertly-guided bear-viewing tours. Float down our river through bear habitat.
  • Excellent meals in the main house and your own comfortable riverside cabin
  • Ideal for couples or families looking to view wild grizzlies in their natural habitat

A little-known and remote valley


AppleOur valley is one of few places in the world where you can watch totally wild grizzlies in their natural habitat.

They come down from the mountains and feed on the salmon that come up our river.

Unlike the large popular national parks, where each bear attracts a cluster of onlookers, our valley is remote and little known.

A very personal experience

We limit the numbers of guests to make sure the experience remains personal and to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our guides are experienced and certified. You will typically have a maximum of four guests to one guide.

As well as grizzlies, the valley in autumn is home to dozens of bald eagles who come to feed on the fish. You may also see black bears.

Grizzlies in their natural setting

The bears you will see are totally natural. You should not expect to see a multitude of bears feeding in one place (with a bank of tourists or photographers looking on).

Some bear-viewing operations habituate bears to humans. It is frequently these that are shown on wildlife videos and documentaries.

We prefer to view totally wild bears in their natural wilderness setting using our 4x4s, river rafts, and conditions permitting, on foot.

We do not use fixed viewing platforms. Instead we will move through the bears’ world, using our intimate knowledge of bear behaviour to keep you safe.

Real and rewarding

Many of our guests have come away with excellent photographs, but we do not recommend our holidays to those for whom photography is their sole priority.

For us the experience of watching the bears will always take precedence.

Because our bears are totally wild there is always a chance you will come away empty-handed, although more than 95 percent of our guests in the autumn have seen bears during their stay.

All the photos on this website have been taken at or around the ranch.

Safety around bears

Bears are not usually dangerous if sensible precautions are taken. We have never had an attack or a close encounter. Like any wilderness activity, however, there are inherent risks.

We follow a set of established bear-viewing protocols under the careful guidance of one of Canada’s top bear biologists.

Your guides carry bear-deterrent. You will be briefed in bear safety during your stay at the ranch.

Grizzly Bear Ranch is a member of the British Columbia Commercial Bear Viewing Association, an organisation which is responsible for promoting safe viewing and bear conservation.


Your day of bear-viewing at the ranch typically begins with an early coffee before we head out.

Equipped with cameras and binoculars you will travel with a trained and certified bear guide.

We typically return to the ranch mid-morning for breakfast.

What you can expect

Your stay will include:

  • Several guided grizzly-viewing trips
  • Guided walks through grizzly habitat
  • A talk on grizzlies in our area
  • One or more scenic rafting trips down our river (conditions permitting)
  • Extensive literature and information on grizzly bears
  • Comfortable accommodation in riverside cabins and first-class cooking

Pricing & Availability

A four-night grizzly-viewing holiday in September or October starts at C$2,000 per person plus tax. This price is based on double occupancy. It includes all meals, drinks, accommodation, tours and a C$50 donation to our grizzly bear conservation fund. Please contact us for more details and availability.


If I use too many superlatives you won’t believe me. However, I have no choice. This trip was a dream come true. Rather than share a platform with dozens of people for a 20 minute glimpse of bears below us, we tracked and viewed grizzlies in their natural surroundings. We benefited from the insight, experience, training, skill and expertise of Julius and his fabulous guides, Matt and Jamie. We felt safe and in good hands at all times, and we knew they would not let us miss a thing!” Lydia, California.

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