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Test your grizzly bear knowledge

In this short film a British-born grizzly bear conservationist talks about grizzly bears in the North Cascades in the US. Definitely worth watching. And for those guests who have already been to the ranch a chance to see how much you remember from my bear...

The Revenant and its bear attack scene

I'm not usually a fan of Hollywood's treatment of grizzly bears and am not that happy about having another blockbuster than shows a bear savaging somebody, especially someone as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio. But credit where credit is due, at least the researchers behind the...

Grizzly Bear Ranch’s new website

Welcome to our new website! We loved our old website but after nearly a decade it was time for something new. Technology is changing, computer screens are getting ever wider, and many of our guests now use smart phones and tablets to browse the web....

Griz in Oct 2 Andy Bradfield
Eating salmon

A grizzly bear tucking into a nice plump salmon. The fish run was very low this year, and the fish were late, but when they did arrive they were larger than usual and provided some good late-Fall feeding opportunities for the grizzlies on the river....

Bear butt Oct
A nice bear butt

Grizzly bears are almost always shown standing on their back legs with the mouths open in a howl of rage. The truth is that most of them rarely stand up on their back legs and prefer to trundle along on all fours. Here is a more...

  • Marching down the highway
  • In the river
  • Grasping a fish
  • Hot-tubbing
  • Fishing again
  • Choosing a meal
  • In an apple tree
  • Almost asleep

As many of you will know, this year Apple, the first grizzly bear we ever saw, failed to return for the first time in a decade. Four grizzly bears were shot by hunters in our area this year and, possibly, she was one of them. Her...

Video of our grizzly bears

This is a short video compilation put together of some of our grizzly bears in late October 2013. Our fish run usually lasts until close to the end of October and bears are bulking up to prepare for the long winter ahead. With thanks to...

June at Grizzly Bear Ranch

Ever seen a baby wolf? Check out this video is you would like to see one. Also some good footage of black bears and other animals. This video was compiled by one of our guests who came to the ranch in June 2011. With thanks...

The Sunday Times

Spotting grizzly bears in Canada   Step one: fly to Canada. Step two: check into the Grizzly Bear Ranch. Step three: look out the window. Easy.   By Mark Franchetti   Deep in the remote wilderness of British Columbia, I was in the back of a 4WD as it negotiated its...

The Guardian

Bear thrills   In British Columbia’s Selkirk range, Patrick Barkham joins the region’s bear watchers, and is shocked to learn that hunting these rare beasts is still perfectly legal.     Three cheers for bear/For where?/For bear/He couldn’t swim but he rescued him/He rescued who?/Oh listen do! I’m talking of...