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The Sunday Times

Spotting grizzly bears in Canada   Step one: fly to Canada. Step two: check into the Grizzly Bear Ranch. Step three: look out the window. Easy.   By Mark Franchetti   Deep in the remote wilderness of British Columbia, I was in the back of a 4WD as it negotiated its...

The Guardian

Bear thrills   In British Columbia’s Selkirk range, Patrick Barkham joins the region’s bear watchers, and is shocked to learn that hunting these rare beasts is still perfectly legal.     Three cheers for bear/For where?/For bear/He couldn’t swim but he rescued him/He rescued who?/Oh listen do! I’m talking of...

Death of an Icon

She was the first wild grizzly bear that Kristin and I ever saw. As we came around a corner one October afternoon just over a decade ago she sat in the middle of a wide trail, so stuffed with apples she could barely move, under the...

BBC Radio 4

A couple of years after arriving at the ranch, Julius was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 about his time as a foreign correspondent, the wars he had covered and his and Kristin's decision to move to British Columbia. He also talked about the valley they now...

  • Coming down
  • Arnica and fireweed
  • Looking south
  • On the ridge
  • July at the top
Summer in the Alpine

During the summer we take our guests high into the alpine. We use our 4x4s to break the back of the ascent and then spend the day walking the ridges, taking in the views and, of course, eating Kristin's home-made picnics. The peaks around us...

  • Masha's ear
  • Masha
  • Learning the trade
  • Guard dog
  • Karu's first ball
  • A nice cold winter
  • A few months old
  • In the snow
  • Winter work
Masha and Karu

For the doggie fans among you, here are some shots of Masha and Karu, fast approaching their 10th birthday. As you can see, some are old and some are new. They are a lot greyer than used to be now and also their colours have changed...

Burn Pile
Burn Pile

We put a lot of effort into revamping the ranch last year. Two new cabins, an extra floor on the main house, and a whole new power and water system. All in all it took eight carpenters and builders nearly five months. Then there was a...

Grizzly Bear Ranch 2.0

It's been a hectic year at the ranch. It was ushered in, in early April, by a D6 bulldozer pummelling its way down our driveway through four feet of snow. In charge of the beast was Ron, an old-timer who lives locally, whom I had asked to...

Grizzly Mum with Cubs
A Grizzly Surprise

We can't remember a spring like it. It seems that every time we turn a corner we come across another bear. There is a grizzly mum with three yearling cubs that we have seen several times. It might just be the same family of bears we...

The Way Up
The Making of a Ski Bum – Part 2

As insular as our little world is in this idyllic corner of British Columbia, I realise, of course, that my great backcountry skiing venture - largely a retail event so far - is not exactly headline news. That accolade probably goes to Putin's homophobic extravaganza on...