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Behind BC’s grizzly bear hunt
Behind BC’s grizzly bear hunt

Every year around 300 grizzly bears are legally killed by hunters in British Columbia. For years we have campaigned to have the hunt banned. Much of this has been possible due to generous donations from our guests. Here John Marriott, a close friend and co-campaigner,...

Does killing grizzlies make humans safer?

Grizzly hunters and their supporters have always claimed that killing bears makes people safer. Since most grizzlies attack out of fear, not for want of a meal, this line of argument has always struck me as wrong. A new study argues that, if anything, killing...

Pizzly bear or grolar bear?

As climate change sets in in the north grizzlies are moving northwards into traditional polar bear country. The result is an increase in hybrid bears, known either as grolar bears or pizzly bears, depending on who you ask. Read more here in The Guardian....

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Grizzlies all over

We usually see grizzlies in the spring, but not four in one outing and not this early. Here are some pics Kristin took including one of a mum with a cub of the year. Unfortunately the grizzly hunters are out there too. So we are...

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April Griz

Some photos from just up the road of a grizzly bear taken a couple of days ago. A grizzly mum and cub are also out and about as well as several black bears. It's certainly an early year. Lots of snow in the high country...

First bear of the year

It certainly isn't going to win any bear photo awards, but this is our first bear snap this year. It's an early spring up here, there's not much snow on the ground, and the grass is already growing fast. Kristin took this pic on the way...

Local artist commemorates bears that have been shot

Three hours, 600 bears. That was the goal Kootenay sculptor Denis Kleine had in mind when he invited his Kootenay Studio Arts students, as well as local artists and activists, to join him in sand-blasting ursine images into the shores of Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. "Within BC...

Kristin with Shirley Bond, the Minister of Tourism, in Victoria last month.
A Grubby Business

Being a bear guide is a grubby business. You spend much of your life crawling around in the wilderness, poking at old bones and sniffing out secrets, and trying not to get eaten by a bigger animal than you. A little bit like politics, then. With...

Test your grizzly bear knowledge

In this short film a British-born grizzly bear conservationist talks about grizzly bears in the North Cascades in the US. Definitely worth watching. And for those guests who have already been to the ranch a chance to see how much you remember from my bear...

The Revenant and its bear attack scene

I'm not usually a fan of Hollywood's treatment of grizzly bears and am not that happy about having another blockbuster than shows a bear savaging somebody, especially someone as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio. But credit where credit is due, at least the researchers behind the...