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Liberating the Lexus

First full day back at the ranch. It's still fairly wintry up here. One of our first tasks was to get the Lexus out from its winter home so I can make the run to town. Started off well but ended up with three hours...

Three’s a Pack

It's been more than eleven years since I set out one early spring day, only weeks after we first arrived at the ranch, to try and find a couple of dogs with whom to share our little wilderness paradise. Three hours later, following up on an...

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  • black bears small
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  • Brown black bear cub. Photo by Jim Lawrence.
  • Watching a black bear in the early summer
  • Black bear in a mountain ash tree
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Early Summer Wildlife-Viewing

In May and June the wilderness is at its most vibrant. At this time of year we frequently see black bears as well as other animals. It is also the best time to see birds. This is a selection of photos taken from our May...

New Lives in the Wild with Ben Fogle

In 2016 Ben Fogle, the UK adventurer, arrived at Grizzly Bear Ranch to film an episode of his hit series New Lives in the Wild. It was shown in the UK on Channel 5 in November 2016 and will be syndicated around the world over the coming...

June at Grizzly Bear Ranch

Ever seen a baby wolf? Check out this video is you would like to see one. Also some good footage of black bears and other animals. This video was compiled by one of our guests who came to the ranch in June 2011. With thanks...

  • Coming down
  • Arnica and fireweed
  • Lunch on top
  • Looking south
  • Summer in the woods
  • View of the lake
  • On the ledge
  • Wildflowers
  • Summer rafting
  • On the ridge
  • Home-made pizza
  • Rock and snow
  • An alpine hike
Summer in the Wilderness

During the summer we take our guests high into the alpine. We use our 4x4s to break the back of the ascent and then spend the day walking the ridges, taking in the views and, of course, eating Kristin's home-made picnics. The peaks around us...

  • Marching down the highway
  • In the river
  • Grasping a fish
  • Hot-tubbing
  • Choosing a meal
  • In an apple tree
  • Almost asleep
  • Rafting in the autumn
  • Half a fish
  • Young grizzly
  • Looking upstream
  • Kokanee salmon
  • A view of a rare mountain caribou
  • With cubs
  • Young female grizzly
  • A bear in the mist
  • Looking for fish
  • A swing by the river
  • Watching a grizzly family from the rafts
Autumn grizzly-viewing

The autumn is our prime grizzly-viewing season. At this time of year grizzlies begin to come down from the high country to feed in the salmon in our river. We also frequently see other animals in the valley especially bald eagles and, occasionally, a wolf...

15 Minutes

So we have had our 15 minutes of fame. One quiet middle-of-the-week night last month the story of how Kristin and I first came to Grizzly Bear Ranch, turned it into a struggling eco-business, and our on-going efforts to end the grizzly bear hunt in BC...

Itchy butts

We should have posted this a while ago. The video is from 2014 when Apple's second set of cubs had a little wander around this campground and then stopped to scratch their butts on a picnic table. Apple was shot by a hunter the next...

New Lives in the Wild screening date in UK

Just a very quick update: For those of you in the UK we have just heard that the episode about Kristin and I for New Lives in the Wild with Ben Fogle will screen on Nov 15 at 9pm on Channel 5. For those of...